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Innovative Products

Pectus Carinatum Corrector System

Brand: FMF Dynamic Compressor System – Manufacturer: Pampamed SRL – Origin: Argentina

Device specifically designed to treat non-surgically the pectus carinatum and its variants. Equipped with an innovative pressure measurement…

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Vacuum Cup for the elevation of Pectus Excavatum

Brand: Vacuum Bell by Eckart Klobe – Manufacturer: Eckart Klobe – Origin: Germany

Designed for the non-surgical treatment of pectus excavatum. They are provided with a suction system, generating a vacuum seal that raises the…

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Thoracic Implants

Brand: Ekom 3D – Origin: Argentina

Thoracic implants designed specifically for each patient

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5mm Mechanical Suture

Brand: JustRight™ – Manufacturer: Bolder Surgical – Origin: United States

5mm Surgical Stapler with Recharge

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Iontophoresis device for the treatment of excessive sweating

Brand: Dermadry – Manufacturer: Dermadry Laboratories Inc. – Origin: Canada

Dermadry is indicated for the treatment of people with at least 13 years of age suffering from moderate to severe axillary, palmar and / or plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and / or feet).

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JustRight™ 3 mm Vessel Sealer

Brand: JustRight – Manufacturer: JustRight Surgical – Origin: United States

With an average seal time of 1.6 seconds, JustRight™ safely and securely seals vessels up to 5mm with average burst strength above 3x systolic pressure.

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CRYO-S Painless

Brand: Metrum Cryoflex – Manufacturer: Metrum – Origin: Polonia
  • No more “pain killers”
  • Immediate pain reduction
  • No neuroma formation – no risk of secondary pain

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